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  • How to register as a buyer?

    Registration on Aerobay is totally free of charge.

    How to register as a seller and create your shop?

    Shop creation is totally free. Similarly to buyers, a new seller will have to complete the initial registration form. In addition to the buyers; shop creation step will be required for new sellers in order to create an online shop account.

    As an individual, can I create a shop on Aerobay?

    No, individuals can't sell on Aerobay. If you registered as an individual, you will have to convert your account into a company account before creating your shop. Individual accounts can be converted to company accounts by clicking on "Sell" icon

    What are KYC documents?

    When you register on Aerobay site; you will be asked to send KYC documents. KYC means Know your customer.These documents are not mandatory at registration but please note that if you want to pay via the online/ escrow payment method, the purchase will not go through unless these documents are provided. These legal obligations are necessary to fight fraud, money laundering and financing of terrorism.

    Overview Table

    Profile Indivisual Business
    Mandatory Documents Identity Proof Article of association
    Residence proof Shareholder declaration
    If you have registered as an individual, please provide:
    1. identity proof - ID card front and back (Valid) or Passport (Valid)
    2. residence proof - Less than a year old - Water/electricity/gas/telephone bill, Tax certificate, Householder insurance, Confirmation of real estate ownership

    If you have registered as a company, please provide:
    1. Certified articles of association (Statute): formal memorandum stated by the entrepreneurs, in which the following information is mentioned: business name, activity, registered address, shareholding...
    2. Proof of registration: Extract from the Company Register issued within the last three months.
    3. Shareholder declaration
    4. The ID or the passport of the individual duly empowered to act on behalf of the legal entity or driving license for UK, USA and Canada

    Please Note - Only GIF, PNG, JPG, JPEG, BMP, PDF and DOC formats are accepted. File size should not be greater than 7MB

    Why are my kyc documents rejected?

    Exact reason for rejection of documents is mentioned in your profile and also communicated to you via mail.
    Some reasons could be - Document has expired and is thus not valid anymore, is not the correct document etc.

    How much does it cost to register?

    Aerobay is an open platform, marketplace is completely free of use. Aerobay charge a commission for each sales. You can find the detailed pricing here. (

    Why my inventory is not displayed on the marketplace?

    For any new accounts, there is a verification of the information you provided by the Aerobay team. Until your account is verified, your inventory is not displayed, this might take up to 96 hours

    How does the search engine work?

    In the search engine field you can search for a Part Number, description, aircraft eligibility, part location or seller name.
    eg: if you type "213", the results will show every Part number that contain the string of characters 213.Like "2136-423-8" and "S252131900300"

    What are the part details available online?

    1. On every part details page, the following information will be displayed: the part number, a description, a unit price, a location, a condition, the available quantity, if the price is negotiable or not, available payment methods, shipping policy, a shop name and contact information
    2. Depending on availability the following information can be displayed: A picture, a certification document, a serial number, a tag date, the aircraft eligibility, the warranty that the seller provide and any additional information the seller deemed useful.

    I need more information before placing a purchase order, who do I contact?

    On every part details page, you will find a box on the right, with contact information displayed. In any cases, the Aerobay customer support team will be happy to answer your enquiry at

    I don't see the identity of the seller, why?

    You have to be logged in to see the shop name on the right box. The identity of the seller is displayed in bold green

    Certificate download does not work, why?

    You have to be registered to download the available paperwork attached to a part.Then a click on download button next to the file name should automatically start the download process. Follow the instructions of your internet browser.

    What kind of traceability is available on used parts?

    Depending on the part condition, the following paperwork can be attached: Easa form 1, FAA form 8130-3, or any Authorized release certificate, ATA 106, non-incident statement, certificates of conformity, shop findings report.

    I am interested in a part, how do I place my order?

    A simple click on "buy now" will add the selected item to the cart. Follow the instructions of the checkout process. Once the checkout process completed, the new purchase order will be sent to the part seller.

    Can I negotiate the part price?

    In many cases the unit price displayed is negotiable. When the pricing policy says it is negotiable, a blue "make an offer" button is available next to the part price. When you click on make an offer a dialog box opens, and you can formulate and send your offer directly to the seller of the part.
    Note: you have to be registered to send your offer

    How many offers can I send for one part?

    You can negotiate the offer with Seller. However if your offer is rejected by the Seller, you can immediately place another offer.

    If I order a large quantity of a same part can I get a discount?

    On a part details page, if the price is marked as negotiable and quantity available is more than 1. You can negotiate a lower unit price through the "make an offer" feature. Indicate the quantity you want to order, and set your offer.
    Note: On Aerobay, you always negotiate a unit price.

    Where can I find my order once it is placed?

    All orders (in progress and historical) are to be found in user account, purchase tab.

    My order status is marked as "preparation". What does it mean?

    The preparation status means that the seller has acknowledged the purchase order, and is now waiting for buyer to select the payment method and follow the payment instructions.

    I have already paid for my order, why does the invoice status still show "Pending"?

    If you make the payment using bank-wire, it may take upto 7 business days for the funds to arrive.

    Can I cancel my order even after the payment is done?

    Even after payment either buyer or seller can cancel the order by contacting the admin, or And follow the given instructions. .

    What is the refund policy?

    Refund policy will depend per order/seller

    How can I list my inventory?

    Once you have a validated seller account, you can upload your parts on our marketplace. A click on sell will guide you to a successful inventory upload. There are two different upload processes: Single upload and bulk upload for listings

    Why my inventory is not displayed on the marketplace?

    For any new accounts, there is a verification of the information you provided by the Aerobay team. Until your account is verified, your inventory is not displayed, this might take up to 96 hours

    I received a new order in my mail box, what should I do?

    As a seller you have to acknowledge the new order, Switch the status from new to "Confirm Availability" and give an estimate date when the order could be shipped.. You can also reject it by marking the order as cancelled.

    Which documents from seller are dispatched with the part?

    Aerobay uses similar industry practices for buyer and sellers. As a minimum for non certified parts; delivery note, and seller's invoice will be dispatched Depending on the component status for the parts classified in the certified categories (as removed, serviceable; overhauled, new surplus and new..) the following documents (list not exhaustive) will be dispatched:
    1. EASA forms or FAA forms or Certificate of Conformance Technical documents (Back to birth; shop finding report;
    2. ATA 106 forms, non incident statements; etc..) LTA (letter de transport aerien) AWB (Airway Bill Document)

    What does the Ex-work shipping policy mean?

    Ex-works means that the buyer is responsible for the shipping from seller's premises.

    What is the payment policy?

    For now all parts are bought cash in advance. Buyer pays for the invoice, the amount is held on a n escrow account until seller dispatch the order.

    I placed an order but have not received any information on, How to pay?

    Before payment, Buyer's shall wait for a confirmation on the availability of the part from the seller(s). Once the Seller or Sellers have acknowledge the order and confirm its availability, payment instruction is automatically sent to the buyer via email.

    How do I pay using bank transfer?

    Payment instructions are sent via mail and available on user account.

    Which payment methods are available?

    Aerobay currently support two different payment methods: Online Payment through an escrow account system and direct payment between Buyer and Seller. For online payment, Credit card are accepted only for transactions below $ 5 000

    How can I change my payment preferences?

    Once you are logged in, go in My Aerobay tab and edit financial information by clicking on the edit icon. Select a payment method or select both and update.

    What are the advantages of the escrow payment method?

    Aerobay currently support two different payment methods: The escrow payment method powered by our partner Mangopay, will ensure a secured online payment. Money will be held in an escrow, account until the part is dispatched by seller. For escrow, payment policy will be cash in advance

    Do I need a mangopay account to use online payment?

    There is no need to create a mangopay account, Aerobay creates and manages a secure wallet for you on mangopay.

    Can I pay in my local currency?

    Please note that all product prices on Aerobay are quoted in United States Dollars (US $). If you want to see a conversion in your local currency, please directly contact your nearest currency exchange agent or a bank.

    Who creates the invoice?

    For the purchased items; the invoices will be sent by the seller. Aerobay sends an invoice to the seller if the item is sold via the platform

    Are displayed prices taxes free?

    Yes, all prices displayed on marketplace are tax free. Please refer to/ herefor VAT issues.

    How to deal with the additional VAT outside of Aerobay?

    a) Intra Community (Intra Europe):

    From business to business cases; your fees will be invoiced net of VAT. VAT identification number is the best evidence that you exist as a business. In such cases, when the seller prepares an invoice for the item, both VAT identification numbers of the companies have to appear in the invoice. NOTE: As a generic rule, if you don't charge VAT, you will need to retain evidence to show that goods have left the country. To check the specific information about VAT numbers EU site has recommendations

    b) Buyers and Sellers from the same country:

    Regardless they are business or not; you will need to charge the VAT (outside of Aerobay platform) depending on the country VAT policy. We recommend that you discuss with your tax advisor. Buyers and Sellers from the outside of the European Union: From business to business cases; your fees will be invoiced net of VAT. As a recommendation; you must ensure you are compliant with any tax consequences as a result of your international selling activities.

    c) As a generic rule, if you don't charge VAT, you will need to retain evidence to show that goods have left the EU.

    Note:As a general rule, if you do not charge VAT, you must keep evidence to prove that the goods have left the EU.

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