About AeroBay

Founded in 2014 in Paris, Aerobay is an innovative B2B marketplace specialized in aircraft and helicopter spare parts trading and innovative turnkey solution for aircraft recycling and sale of dismantled parts.

With its unique approach to buy, sell and recycle any aircraft component and with services like consignment and inventory, Aerobay transforms the way that current marketplaces interact, giving a safe and quick cash-in on the resale of surplus stocks.

It's open and free of use, and Aerobay will only be rewarded once deals are done.

In a nutshell, a secure digital platform connecting sellers and buyers in which our team is committed to helping you to maximize your asset value (aircraft and/or surplus stocks)! Aerobay provides many other solutions for aging aircraft and recycling industry.

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Meet the Team

  • Richard Hervé


    Richard works in the fields of air maintenance and transport for more than 20 years.

    Holder of an engineering degree and an executive-MBA in Business, Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management, Richard started his extensive career in different major Aerospace groups (OEMs) for almost 10 years before starting his own business. He became a serial entrepreneur in creating successively innovative tools for maintenance, and accompanying key players in the aircraft industry through his start-up MRO Advisor.

    In 2014, Richard created Aerobay with Ayce Celikel with the ambitious objective of creating a web platform for aircraft spare parts trading.

    Passionated by the aircraft, Richard teaches "maintenance system" at the ESTACA Engineering School (Ecole Superieure des Techniques Aeronautiques et de la construction automobile).

  • Ayce CELIKEL

    Ayce Celikel


    Ayce works in the field of aviation environmental sector for more than 20 years.With a degree on environment (Technical University of Istanbul (ITU) and MSc. Technical Uni. Denmark (DTU)) and more than 17 years of experience in the aviation sector, Ayce understands very well the challenges faced by the aviation sector in regard to environmental impacts.

    Following her education, Ayce started her aviation career as an environmental consultant at Eurocontrol. During her early career she has been proved through the various projects conducted by Envisa, namely for Eurocontrol, ICAO and many other European aviation projects. Ayce became the President of Envisa in 2007.

    She has been managing aircraft end of life projects (Cleansky AiMeRe) where she developed products and services to improve the profitability of aircraft recycling.

  • Pascal Jacquemont

    Pascal Jacquemont

    Sales Vice President

    After 9 years in sales management in the Automotive and bearing OEM and Aftermarket, Pascal has joined Schneller LLC in 2006 as sales account executive in Aircraft Interiors dealing with European leading Airlines, OEM, MROs and distribution. Over the last 3 years Pascal has continued to support the aerospace industries for several US, French and German principals. Involved from the start in the AEROBAY service growth to the aircraft and parts owners, Pascal Jacquemont will pursue his passion: bringing tailor made services to the aviation industry.

  • Abhijeet Dev

    Abhijeet Dev

    Senior Technology Consultant

    Abhijeet has a rich experience of nearly 13 years in software, technology, and managing and mentoring specialized technology teams. Previously, he has worked in various capacities with some of the biggest industrial names, and created and managed critical software for them. He is recommended by his co-workers for his sleek programming skills, deep knowledge, independence, quickness and enthusiasm. He graduated in Mechanical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur in 2002.

  • David Langlois

    David Langlois

    Head of Development, Aerobay

    Graduated from the Ecole Superieure des Techniques Aeronautiques et de la construction automobile (ESTACA). David is an enthusiast and motivated engineer by an attempt to work in the digital economy. David was convinced by the Aerobay project at the very beginning and joined Richard in early 2014. Specialized in aircraft maintenance and surplus market, David makes sure that Aerobay as a web-platform provides the best solution to a demanding industry.

  • Mauro Bertola

    Mauro Bertola

    VP Sales for Latin America and Caribbean

    Bachelor in Business Administration and Post-graduated in International Business

    Mauro used to work for a Brazilian Airline Transbrasil, VASP and Avianca Brasil in the areas of procurement, purchase and logistic dept. After leaving the airlines business, he started to promote and sell aircraft spare parts and GSE in LATAM market. He has attended several summits and trade shows e.g. CCMA, ACPC, FIDAE, LABACE, MRO, VEGAS and MUNCHEN Trade Show. He has a large network in Americas - Uruguay, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Bahamas, USA, Canada, Mexico, and also Nigeria.

  • Peter Ong ( Ong Koon Suan)

    Peter Ong (Ong Koon Suan)

    VP Sales for Asia

    Peter has more than 20 years of experience in developing new markets across Asia and Oceania regions. He is based in Singapore, and manages Asia sales for Aerobay.

  • Lorene Perrin

    Lorène Perrin

    Marketing & Customer Account Manager

    Lorene joined the Aerobay team to help with the Marketing/communication part as well as the customer services. Holder of a master's degree in Management and Corporate strategy, she improved her skills in the web-marketing domain during previous experiences. Her strengths are her several language knowledge’s (French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin) and her inventiveness in web marketing.

  • Nithish_Joseph_Manalal

    Nithish Joseph Manalal

    Customer Support Manager

    Nithish holds a bachelor degree in Aeronautical/ Mechanical Engineering (India) and Masters International Air Transport Operations Management from Ecole nationale de l'aviation civile (ENAC) one of the reputed French Aviation School. Nithish has worked for UTC Aerospace Systems (India) as a Project Engineer after his bachelors and also successfully completed his training in Airbus France. Aviation enthusiast, motivated to have an International experience Nithish joined Aerobay to support the technical & development team.

  • Rahul Singh

    Rahul Singh

    Technology Consultant

    Rahul holds a bachelor degree in Computer Science from prestigious MNNIT (NIT Allahabad). His sleek programming style and architectural inputs have been instrumental in new developments and security enhancements of Aerobay online marketplace.



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