Asset Investment

Targeted Asset

Our investment strategy focuses on Aero Assets like :

  1. Helicopter for teardown & parts reselling

  2. Surplus stock of spare parts

As a tangible asset, aviation components hold their value over time which minimize the invesment risks

A Profitable investment

Every investment in Asset, is planned on 2 years period Predictable cash flows defined at inception Targeted IRR for the investors, over than 20% on the project period

Asset Management

Cut your losses

Stop wasting your time for unsold items, time spent relisting them. When surplus inventory is dragging your operations and finances down, Aerobay can support you with its asset management program, to sell in our huge community of buyers through our global platform

Our Flexible Solutions

Purchase proposal with immediate cash-out payment. Or prepayment of your stock, consignment in our warehouse, and Royalties on the parts sale Let's work together!!

Helicopter part out

A financial decision tool

Balance the costs between maintaining your helicopter in-service, sell the whole asset or sell the parts?

Our market and technical expertise will help you make the right decision.

A Nose to Tail Solution

A complete solution from parts removal under part 145 organisation, part’s recertification, to storage & global distribution with our Marketplace and huge worldwide network

Asset Management

They trusted us

An Attractive offer

Only 1 USD per part & month insurance included for the stock value.Our storage solutions are compliant with the international regulation and best practice for aircraft part packaging.

A Multi-location storage

  • Find a warehouse close to you:
  • Orleans, FRANCE
  • Subang, MALAYSIA
  • Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Our Storage units are certified EN - AS9120