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Aircraft Asset Management

From the valuation report to the teardown operation of your aircraft, Aerobay proposes a turnkey solution!

Aircraft valuation report

Aerobay offers an aircraft valuation report on request. The report lists the potential residual value of an aging aircraft, after dismantling and sell the parts on the 2nd hand market. This analysis is made by our expert team using all technical data you can release (back to birth, aircraft background history, On-condition components list, Engine LLP Sheet ...). It always comes with recommendations regarding to the best suitable solution for the aircraft end-of-life management.

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Teardown Operation Management

Aerobay can manage your whole teardown operation through our qualified network of partners. As a project manager, we select the most suitable service providers (disassembly/ parts removal / dismantling / recycling), from the teardown operation, till the consignment.

We make sure to promote & sell your parts through our innovative marketplace

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Rotable Stock audit and Optimization

Aerobay provides you an audit of your rotable stock in order to optimize your asset!

Stock audit and optimization

Aerobay technical team conducts detailed stock audit for airlines willing to optimize their rotable spare parts.

Based on your fleet size and configuration, the part reliability and repair time (TAT); we are able to define the right level available quantity per P/N, to guarantee the permanent availability of rotable parts, with a minimal risk of AOG. Among additional services, we will provide :

  • On-site inventory and stock review
  • Identification of critical missing parts
  • Proposal of re-sale for non moving items through our marketplace
  • Marketing and communication to speed up your surplus sale

This is a tailored service, so please send us some info and we will send you a range of price for our services

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Surplus Pricing Recommendation

Aerobay brings its experience to your service

Pricing of used parts

Aerobay developed an expert methodology, based on technical & economical criteria,for the part valuation on the 2nd hand market.

Thanks to our centralised parts price database combined with our long term experience in the MRO and aircraft industry, Aerobay offers a 'Price Recommendation' service for your parts listed on Aerobay.

If you decide to become a seller, pricing recommendation can help you to see immediately how valuable your stock is.

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Consignment Stock Management

Aerobay proposes its warehouse to manage your surplus stock.

Stock Consignation

Worried about how to stock your parts? Use Aerobay warehouse ! Located in a secured facility near international Paris CDG airport, Aerobay warehouse offers attractive prices and convenient location. Whether you are an Aerobay seller or not, you can use our service as part of our global offer in aircraft management.

This offer is coupled with a highly-effective inventory management program that enables airlines to release vital working capital from their surplus and under-used inventory.

Our experienced sales team will guarantee to obtain the optimum price for your consigned inventory, whilst our innovative platform efficiently manages the stock and provides up-to-date sales/profit analysis and inventory reports in your dashboard.

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Surplus Stock Purchase

Aerobay is interested in your stock!

Purchase by Aerobay

Have surplus or unsolicited engines, spare components, consumables & piece parts or you are willing to stop maintaining these assets on your books?

Aerobay is searching for spare stocks to buy for its members.

Stop wasting your time for unsold items, time spent relisting them.. When surplus inventory is dragging your operations and finances down, Aerobay can support you.

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OEM spare parts distribution

Aerobay promotes your new and surplus spare parts.

Why Aerobay?

Struggling to get an international sales team, and don't have a sufficient after-market network for the spare distribution of your components

You want to give a try to an on-line marketplace for the promotion and sale of your components

You want to receive immediately the cash-in from direct sales, and keep in-house the management of your spare stock.

Get in touch with Aerobay, we have the right solution which can interest you

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