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Quality inventory

Browse through frequently updated large surplus stocks & certified new parts from our qualified vendors. Seller's profiles include: Aircraft manufacturers, OEM Suppliers, Major Helicopter operators, Airlines, Lessors, MRO part 145 centers

24/7/365 accessibility

Aerobay platform is available 24/7/365 Autoquotes are issued in real-time on every online part. No need to ask for an RFQ, just go to the product page and download the quote

Online payment

Aerobay supports different secured payment options.Buyers can chose between the following payment processing platforms: Paypal, Stripe and Mangopay. Or a simple wire transfer.Easy refund in case of dispute

Easy procurement

Simplify your daily procurement process. All the available part details are uploaded and displayed on the product pages. Conditions, prices, trace and paparwork. Save some time and money send your offers or POs easily.

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International Visibility

No need to allocate endless sales ressources.Increase your sales abroad with us. Aerobay team manages, markets and promotes your inventory for you and give you access to our CRM of 40K decision makers whole around the globe.

Easy Process

No need to approve new buyers through a long quality approval process. Aerobay is your only contact point and safe purchaser. Let us manage the buyer and end-user.


Aerobay is issuing the Purchase Orders to the sellers and pays Cash In Advance.Don't worry about the money coming in and focus on preparing the parcel for pick up.

Export compliance

Aerobay is fully compliant with all export rules & international regulations. We guarantee transparency & security on the authorized destination of the sale orders

Sell on your own

Promote your Brand

Create and customize your premium digital shop with your logo and company illustration.

Distribute product catalog

Your pro-store is fully customizable with your branding company as logo, support and sale contacts, phone, certificates

Reach new customers

Reach a new world of inexplored leads & customers with our connected CRM of 40K decision makers and google-optimized web searches

Add a digital sale channel

Extend your sale forces by an efficient global digital solution, and integrated in your website company


Data Exchange

Aerobay supports you in the secure and synchronized exchange of your inventory data with our marketplace Web Services provide interaction between your ERP and Aerobay platform, allowing you to easily perform part searches, review RFQs, and update your inventory listing on

Connect through API

API documentation can be found at: aerobay | 2.0.0 | aero-bay | SwaggerHub

Connect your CAMO/ERP/MIS

We already work with some main MIS in Helicopter & regional aircraft markets such as: AMS, ADSoftware, RMX Systems, Rusada.

Quality Approvals

EN 9120

ASA Member



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